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Specialised Services

With our primary business principle of leaving no stone unturned we at Satisvaction Cleaning Services host an array of specialized cleaning services that not only preserve but also increase the value of one's property or business enterprise.

All our specialised services are workmanship guaranteed and are performed by highly skilled artisans.

Once-off cleans also involve the steam cleaning of carpets, deep stain removal and restoration of exquisite rugs. The restoration of lounge suites through the application of our high quality detergents and the removal of household odours.

Our other specialised services include:

  • The stripping, sanding and sealing of wooden flooring.
  • Rhodesian Teak floor restoration is one of our specialties.
  • Application of linoleum and the restoration thereof.
  • Floor tiles re-grouting, cleaning and revitalisation of ceramic floor tiles.
  • Exterior 'Red Brick' wall stripping, cleaning and sealing.
  • Nipping of interior and exterior walls.
  • Re-brushing and Polishing of aluminum skirting.

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